Dobby the field elf

In my first blog post I introduced my self, this week I will be introducing Dobby the field elf, a valued member of my team. (Well that felt weird, we do prefer to call each other inappropriate names, frequently and laugh about it!)

Introducing Dobby the field elf...

So Dobby the field elf became part of the team back in 2012, when I needed someone to ride one of my ponies for me. I probably should add at this point, shes actually called Jodie, and she doesn’t have massive ears or nor does she wear a sack… We are kind of related, I think, something about our mum’s dads were brothers, but we did not know either of us existed until we met!

About The Fuzzy Sheep

Dobby and Ruby (my pony) have become a fabulous partnership over the years, and have proved a pretty fearless combination. They enjoy jumping, bigger and the scarier the better…

Ruby does fancy herself as a bit of a comedian, by bucking unexpectedly on the odd occasion like tonight for instance, which resulted in Dobby laughing so much she, somehow managed to slip off the front, and led in the grass wetting herself laughing, while ruby is stood there trying to figure out how Dobby ended up on the floor… Yep Dobby will probably shoot me for telling you about that!

Dobby the field elf and Ruby at a show
Dobby the field elfand Ruby at the New forest county show
Dobby the field elf and Ruby jumping

Besides riding Ruby, she is my second in command, taking care of all the ponies and sheep when I’m busy, an amuses my dog Maisie who she also happens to be Aunt to… Dobby also helps me with my plans and working through ideas. 

Maisie and Dobby the field elf at Urchinwood

Over the years I have bought Dobby several items of clothing, including socks, when she receives the items of clothing she yells ” Dobby is a free elf!” but bless her, she still stays. 

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