A portrait session with Rhianen and her ponies.

Last weekend I took a trip up to Wiltshire for a portrait session with Rhianen and her ponies. I was over the moon when she asked if we could organise a portrait session, featuring her two ponies and herself.

I have known Rhianen for 12 years, we first met when I had gone to view a New forest yearling she had for sale. (It’s needless to say I fell in love with him instantly; he came home with me a few days later, and he will be with me for life.) We have kept in touch over the years; its enabled Rhianen to be able to see him as he has grown up. It’s like he has an extended family, and I love that.

Gladys and Scooby with Rhianen

As I pulled into the yard, and drove round the corner to park up I was greeted by two ponies eagerly looking over the stable doors. One Gladys and one Scooby, I knew instantly this was going to be a great portrait session.

Willoway Gladys

Rhianen and Gladys

First up in front of the lens we have the beautiful Willoway Gladys, (Gladys to her friends). She is a 20 year young (definitely young) 15hh Welsh section D. Rhianen and Gladys have been together for 9 Years. They enjoy hacking together, Gladys also spends her days keeping the yard in Check!

Willoway Gladys black background
Willoway Gladys in a field
Willoway Gladys in the woods

Annagh Scooby

Next up in front of my Lens along with Rhianen, is Annagh Scooby (Scooby to his friends). He is a 10 year old 16.1hh Irish Draft X. Scooby has been owned by Rhianen’s mum for 18 months, however Rhianen has been riding him for the last 5 years.

Scooby is mainly used for hacking; although he also turns his hoof to anything. He enjoys Prelim and Novice dressage, Showjumping in 80cm classes, and Eventing in 70cm classes and the odd fun ride.

Rhianen and Scooby
Scooby black back ground

If you would like a portrait session, why not take a look at what I offer here.

Or drop me a message via my social media platforms, or email thefuzzysheepcc@outlook.com details can be found on the lets chat page.

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