Introducing the Raymond collection.

Due to popular demand I am introducing the Raymond collection, a new mini black background session to rival all others! These sessions are perfect as gifts, (gift cards are available.) They are also perfect for people on a budget or when you just want one perfect striking image to put on your wall. 

Event & Animal Lifestyle Photographer
The raymond collection
Somerset Event & Animal Photographer

What is included in the Raymond collection?

  • A 20 minute portrait session.
  • A private digital gallery for you to choose your print.
  • One 12 x 10″ print.
  • One low resolution digital file, (the same as the print) for you to share on social media platforms. 
  • One mini blog post to tell yours and your animals story.

How do you get the look?

All we need to get the black background, is a dark-ish area such as a stable or a field shelter/building doorway. In the absence of the above a shaded area of a field, the important thing is the the area is not in direct sunlight. 

What is the cost and how do you book?

The portrait session starts at £50 with upgrades available. To book or any enquiries simply drop me a message via our social media platforms or via email. Alternatively fill out this contact form and we will get back to you.

Like to know more about the animals in the images?

First up we have Maisie, she is owned by me, and was born the 16th March 2017. She is rather obsessed with tennis balls, and rugby balls! 

Second up we have Gladys a 20 year young Welsh section D, owned by Rhianen, she enjoys hacking and keeping her yard in check!

Third up is Chloe, a Frenchy, owned by my friend, Sadie. Chloe is best mates with my dog Maisie, and is also obsessed with tennis balls.

Fourth up is Ralph, a Grey faced Dartmoor sheep, my dear departed field friend Ralph, a quiet soul who always loved a cuddle and a scratch. 

And last but not least we have Vienna a young Andulucian X Warmblood owned by my friend Jess, Vienna has a bright dressage career ahead of her.

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