Post Lockdown life

What do I want my post lockdown life to look like?

Besides the true reason for Lockdown and the semi lockdown we live in now. By the way, what do we actually call it now? What ever we call it now, for me, this unexpected time has given me the opportunity to re-evaluate my lifestyle, and make a decision on the things I want to throw in the bin, and things I want to keep, metaphorically speaking.

So what do I want my post lockdown life to look like? here are a few examples…

  1. Whilst I love my work; I do not want to go back to working all the hours; thinking I will be successful at the end of it. If I am that battered, broken and burnt out when will I realise I am successful; and to be honest at what point do you declare yourself successful? Most importantly will I be able to enjoy it?
  2. I want to be able to enjoy more days out, without having to feel guilty or substitute something.
  3. I’m a creative, it is who I am, it is not something you do in your spare time, it has no time limit. I’ve realised in lockdown, it is more than something artistic or photographic.

The post lockdown life I am trying to create for myself; doesn’t start to happen when are finally given the all clear and life and freedom returns to us. Sadly I don’t think there will be a starting pistol and we are off.

Post lockdown life

So with this in mind over lockdown; I have been experimenting with a few potential changes. I’m really quite enjoying them, looks like they might be here to stay!

Planting things…

I’ve been on a bit of a mission to plant things (mainly veg’ and the odd sunflower for good measure) throughout lockdown. I will be honest I saw it as a bit of a lockdown boredom breaker at the start. However, I quickly came to love the idea, of how in a very small way; I have reduced my single-use plastic burden, reduced some food miles, and produced some edible food without the use of fertilizer and pesticides. I’m really keen to explore this further! No it won’t feed the five thousand, but it is a starting point!

Post lockdown life

Baking things…

Stand aside Mary Berry! Whilst I am known to made the odd sporadic flock of cupcakes from time to time, or sometimes a birthday cake if the mood strikes! By the way; I don’t mean these carefully crafted, exquisite works of art you see on social media. My god, I hate to think of the hours that go into those cake creations. NO! I mean the type that include; one massive blob of icing and a mini chocolate treat on the top, the type kids make! I seem to have taken this baking thing to a whole new level recently. For instance, this past week I have made; brownies, cookies, apple crumble, cupcakes, a fridge cake no bake thing, pizza dough, and bread! God only knows what I will make next week! 

Post lockdown life

My point of telling you this? Well, whilst I was sat down; to eat my very own homemade pizza, followed by some of my apple crumble. I was musing to myself that not only was I a bloody genius for my food creations. I had indeed, saved quite a bit of money from not buying pizza from my beloved dominos not to mention the, fuel to get there too. By making the dough myself; actually saved time, by not having to navigate the website or app ( I always find tricky, I cannot be the only one!) make my order, get my butt out the house and then drive to get it. The real truth; actually really enjoyed making it. Sorry Dominos! There is a new kid on the block, and that is ‘The Fuzzy Sheep Pizza’! 

Have you made any positive changes this year?

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