The Country Lifestyle Collection. The Re-brand Part 2

So, you may have noticed a few changes on my website; and social media channels over the past week or so. As I mentioned in my previous blog post. I wanted to move away from Event Photography. Whilst I still love Event days; it was becoming quite clear to me, that it was no longer suiting my lifestyle needs and, if I am completely honest there is a rather large part of me that wanted to explore a more creative route.

2020 has given me so much time to explore my creative route. Being quite a introvert, I expected to explore only animal based portrait sessions. However; whilst I was capturing portraits of my lovely animal models, I couldn’t help but chat to their owners; about what has brought them and their animals together. I was so fascinated by their stories; I found myself wanting to capture their story more and more. Whilst editing the images; I would always find that my personal favourites would always be one ones with the animals and their owners in together.

Country Lifestyle Collection

The Country Lifestyle Collection.

For most of the photoshoots I have done this year; there seemed to be a reoccurring theme running throughout our many conversations. For most Country or Equestrian families, they would love to have a family photoshoot; however, they do not have the time to get to a studio; and in all honesty; it doesn’t feel very ‘them’.

Most importantly; regardless of what type of farmer you, or part you play within the countryside, or Equestrian discipline you favour. It isn’t just a hobby or merely a job, to put food on the table; it is a Lifestyle. We live and breathe it; it is in our DNA. With this in mind a studio set up, may not be the obvious choice to capture your families’ story.

For me a photoshoot should capture the very essence of your families lifestyle. If you are a family that usually mucks in together and enjoys each others company; it only seems natural to me that I should capture that. Why would you get suited and booted, and if you are anything like me; and feel damn right bloody awkward dressed up and, have more of a grimace on your face than a natural smile!

Highly recommend Emma, we had a fantastic photo shoot and she was very patient, even when the animals misbehaved! She was friendly and we were able to have a chat and a laugh whilst maintaining a level of professionalism. I am absolutely thrilled with my photos!

Lydia, Somerset.

Your Story

The Country Lifestyle Collection is all about capturing your story. I think there really is something special about having your set of images printed; and then sharing them round for everyone to see. Images serve as part of your families’ heritage: like family heirlooms.

Country Lifestyle Collection

How to book

To book please drop me an email and we can discuss your options and get a date in the diary.

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