Animal Portrait Session

An Animal Portrait Session, with your animals is a perfect opportunity to indulge in some quality time with your furry, feathered or fleecy friends, and at the same time make some lasting memories you can cherish forever.

Our animals are such a massive part of our lives and, often they are referred to as family members. We create such bonds and connections with them, we share our secrets with them, and they are often our shoulders to cry on. I know myself, their happiness and wellbeing comes well before my own; I would not have it any other way.

It is also safe to say not everyone’s pets are necessarily are traditional! Speaking for myself I have pet sheep, and I know many with chickens, ducks and other feathered friends. They are all welcome here! In fact I would love the opportunity to capture images of your less traditional pets and tell their story.

Equine Portraits

Equine Portrait sessions provide the opportunity for you to create lasting memories and they are individually tailored to your needs. The session itself can either take place at your horse’s yard or on location; and can consist of ridden or stood up images or the horse at liberty or all of them.

The change of outfits for yourself, and your horse are welcome and are encouraged to create a variety of images. Additional family members and friends are welcome, along with other pets in your household to feature in a selection of the images. We can discuss your ideas on booking.

Canine Portraits

Lets celebrate the connection you have with your dog(s)! A Canine Portrait session captures the relationship you have with your dog, the tricks and games you play together. Alternatively, I can capture some images of your dog on its own. Portrait sessions can be at your home or out on location, maybe their favourite walk?

Maybe your lucky enough to have more than one dog? All Canine Portrait sessions cater for more than one dog, as long as they are from the same household. We can discuss your ideas on booking.

Farm Animal Portraits

Traditional farm animals have not always been the most obvious choice as pets; however the have the best characters and quirks! Whether you are the proud owner of some sheep, cows, pigs, goats, or any feathered friends; I would love to capture some images for you. Maybe you have a small holding as a hobby? or a parcel of land? and you have decided to keep some alternative pets. Why not treat yourself to a portrait session, to capture the fun and the relationships you have with your pets.

What do I do next?

To discuss ideas or to book an Animal Portrait Session please email me or fill out the contact form.