So what is in a name anyway?

So why did I choose a different business name, when so many others choose their own name with ‘photography’ on the end? Well the honest truth, I don’t usually stick with convention…

What is in a name anyway?

I wanted a business name that represented everything that I am; yeah I got a bit overwhelmed with that and phoned a friend… My Aunt to be exact, and to cut along story short, ‘The Fuzzy Sheep’ was born. I originally started off as ‘The Fuzzy Sheep Creative Company’ but lets be honest… its a bit of a mouthful; and if I’m honest I kept shortening it myself when referring to the business or myself. When I rebranded in 2019, I officially dropped the ‘Creative Company’ part then.

So why did ‘The Fuzzy Sheep’ sit well with me? Well if you follow my social feeds you will know I have pet sheep, If you don’t **spoiler alert** I have pet sheep! The other main reason, I have crazy, unruly hair – it quite often looks like a sheep’s fleece or like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards, on bad days Both! I’ve spent years trying to tame it, hair straighteners, various products you name it! These days I let it do it’s own thing, it is it’s own person. I accept that!

If anybody asks me in person (they quite often do!) My reply is something along the lines of “Well because I have crazy hair and pet sheep!” There is usually a few giggles, and “oh yeah of course!”

However it has become more than that over the years. I like to think of my business name as a tribute to my sheep, past and present. To be perfectly honest, I quite like their values too. Sheep refuse to live by the stereotypes that modern society gives. They are not afraid to push their own boundaries and horizons (even if that is the boundary fence!) They stick together in difficult circumstances. If that’s not values to live by what is?

What is in a name anyway?

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