2020 need I say more…

2020 need I say more…

One minute I am dancing with enjoy with winter’s retreat, the next I am quietly planning next winter. What happened to 2020?

As I walk down to the field this morning to sort the ponies and sheep out, my mind wanders with the tasks I need to complete today. However the hay area attracts my attention for some reason, and my mind wonders yet again. It suddenly dawns on me, it is coming towards the end of August.

Equine & Rural Brand Photography

Within the next month I will have my winter supply of haylege in. Instead of being stood here staring at one lonely bale of haylege, wondering at what point did the brambles start to claim it as their own. I’ll actually be stood here in sighing in relief, that yet again I have managed to get them in before the weather turns (too much!); whilst secretly hoping the weather will be kind, and I will have enough until the ground dries in the spring.

However I think I am still in early Spring, trying to process what was happening. It only seems like five minutes ago the news of Covid19 was starting to break; and I’m wondering whether I will actually get away for Easter! NEWS FLASH!! I didn’t!! With headlines of vulnerable people needing to live in a tiny isolated bubbles to protect themselves; and then realising I fitted into that category too! It took me a while to get my head around, I still don’t think I have if I am completely honest.

How the hell can we be fast approaching autumn when I feel like we are only just coming into Spring?

The highs and the lows

What can I say about the lightening fast summer we have had? Sure it has been weird. I haven’t managed to achieve some of the goals I had unofficially set myself, like more days out exploring, except an (fantastic) week away in July in my home from home, St Agnes Cornwall.

2020 need I say more...

However I have tried my hand at growing my own veg from seeds, and a sunflower! Been able to spend time, to really think about the direction I wanted by business to go in and start to implement that.

I have been brave enough to act upon my big dream and enlist the help of a fantastic mentor Sophie Callahan to keep me on track and fuelled with ideas. I also decided to play a more active part of the Small and Supercharged Mastermind group I belong to. It is so lovely to have a safe space to bounce ideas around; and learn from a fantastic group of like minded people.

Getting out to meet new people and photograph them with their animals will always remain so special to me. Launching The Farming Project, finally, has been fantastic; the opportunities that will bring for farmers and myself will be amazing.

And finally, being brave enough to stand the other side of the camera, and allow my photo to be taken has been a massive achievement, on a personal level. More on that soon!

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