My Bucket list

A thing we band around too often in conversation, ‘the bucket list!’ We add so many things to it, but honestly, how many of us actually tick things off the bucket list?

If 2020 was taught us anything, it is that life is too short; and it is incredibly precious. This year we have had to give up our freedom for (if I may say so!) I bloody good cause! To save peoples lives; our loved ones, our friends, our work friends, everybody.

It has got me thinking about the old ‘bucket list’, to be honest I don’t really care for the term, but to avoid a great deal of procrastination, I’ll call it the ‘bucket list’ for now. We are so quick to add things to our own list, usually along the lines of ‘I want to do … one day’ and with that, our busy lives we lead distract us. So with this in mind I would like some help to tick a few things off my list.

My bucket list

So my Bucket list…

I have have a few things near the top of my list I wonder if you guys could help me with! One of them was decided upon driving home from Cornwall! I bet you can’t guess which one!

Without further a do here is part of my list!

  1. To do some photoshoots in Cornwall, a beach shoot would be awesome with a horse or a dog or both!
  2. Photograph a Belted Galloway Cow and a Highland Cow as part of my Farming project shoots.
  3. Do a beach shoot anywhere in Somerset, Devon or Cornwall.

So why Cornwall? I think it has got to be my favourite place ever, especially the St Agnes area. Don’t get me wrong I do love where I live in Somerset, but Cornwall is something else! After spending nearly all of my childhood holidays in one part of Cornwall or another, it feels like home. I would love the opportunity for a ‘working’ holiday.

So there you have it! The things at the top of my list, I would love it if you could help me to tick these things off my list. If you would like to discuss your options with a photoshoot or for more information, please click the buttons below.

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