Fine Art Packages

The aim of my new Fine Art Packages is to create a piece of wall art for you to cherish.

I feel pretty confident here in saying; anyone that spends their lives surrounded by animals, would happily let them all live in the house given the chance. Or am I wrong?

However if your anything like me, the animals I’m surrounded by, wouldn’t get on well living in your home. Although I’m pretty sure Raymond my Pet Sheep, would give it a bloody good go! Either that, husbands, wives, family members or indeed Landlords everywhere, may not be too pleased when you set an extra space at the dining table for your pony…

Fine Art

So where am I going with of this?

So what is the next best thing to having your favourite Horse, Sheep, Cow, Chicken etc living in your home? A totally epic piece of wall art featuring your favourite pet, in pride of place on your wall!

I have put together three Fine Art packages, so there is something there to suit everyone’s budgets.

Fine Art

All three packages have the same aim; to capture the character of your animal, in a series of images, these may be close ups of particular areas of the head or body, or full body shots. All of these images will be fully edited and showcased in a private online gallery. Then all is left, is for you to choose your favourites and select your wall art finish!

Fine Art

How many animals can be included?

I would usually suggest no more than three animals per session, however they can create a truly fantastic piece of wall art when their portraits are joined together.

If you would like to include more than three animals, please do get in touch and we can discuss the options available.

Fine Art Portraits

If you would like to discuss your options or book a session please do get in touch.

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