It is all about Maisie…

My Collie dog, Maisie, or Moo to her (vast amount of) friends. What can I tell you about her. Well the list is endless, she is quite the personality. Her favourites include; time on the beach, time in the pub, lazy Sunday mornings, and to be honest what ever her Nan is eating is her favourite…

about Maisie

‘Living your best life’, is often banded around these days isn’t it. However, for Maisie it really is true. She likes to choose her own toys from the pet shop. She has only got two boxes full of toys! One whole box was donated to a local dog shelter last Christmas, no doubt we will do the same this year too! Maisie opens her own Birthday and Christmas presents!

Moo picks on people she would like to talk to; usually by staring at them until they come over. Usually something along the lines of; “Sorry, I had to come over, your dog keeps staring at me! Is it okay to say hello to her”. My reply in a rather embarrassed tone, “yeah sorry she does that, it’s exactly what she wants”, Maisie is sat there like the Queen, I swear she expects a bow or a curtsey!

about Maisie

As you can probably tell already, she loves the camera, and doesn’t ever miss out on a photo opportunity, even mid physio session with the lovely Kat Clarke! Moo loves our trips to the field to sort out the Ponies and Sheep, haring around like a loon, finding things for me to throw for her; sometimes a stick, yet sometimes a piece of grass.

about Maisie

If you would like a photoshoot of your own dog(s) then please do get in touch. Or visit my website for all the details.

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