Why book an Autumn Photoshoot?

So what are the benefits to having an Autumn Photoshoot? I will talk you through them in this week’s blog post.

The light

Autumn brings the most beautiful soft light for Photoshoots. We will be able to utilise more areas of your location, unlike summer having to stick to the shadows. The softer light also allows you to feel more relaxed, and prevents those unwanted squinting faces. Hopefully any bad tan lines have dispersed, and any sunburn has calmed down!

Autumn Photoshoot

The Colours

I don’t need to tell you, a lovely dry Autumn produces some breath taking colours. These colours will make for magical backdrops for your images. They can add interest to areas of your location and breaks up what might have been big blocks of green in the summer.

The Temperature

In Autumn we can still be treated to lovely warm days, however if you are after a Farm or Equine shoot, the fly population will be dropping off now rather rapidly. This is also a massive bonus for those of you with sweet itch ponies. (I feel your pain, owning one myself!)

The other bonus to lovely warm days is, it allows for such a wide range of outfits to be worn. I do recommend you bring a few different outfits long or a few variations of an outfit such as different accessories, hair bands instead of a hat or swap a gilet for a coat.

Autumn photoshoot

The leaves

If you are looking for a Country lifestyle Photoshoot with your family of young children, playing with leaves can make for some amazing photos and indeed memories. My style is always unobtrusive and laid back, capturing candid moments. Using my zoom lens I prefer to shoot from a distance away from you, this allows everyone to relax, and pretty much forget I am there!

So there you have it a few of my reasons for an Autumn Photoshoot. If you would like to book a shoot with me, please do get in touch via my contact page or drop me an email at [email protected]

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