September, a very productive month!

September has been a very productive month for me in my personal life; to be honest I’m pretty sad it is over. As I am the ‘high risk’ list for Covid-19, I am still choosing to venture not far from home. I will be honest, if I wasn’t on the ‘high risk’ list I think my plan would still remain the same.

Every cloud…

To coin a very over used cliché ‘every cloud has a silver lining’; this venturing not far from home business, has given me the ideal opportunity to remove quite a lot of items from my to-do list, and do you know what! it feels bloody marvellous! Whilst I still l still long for my days out; exploring what Somerset has to offer with my partner in crime, Tanya. It does feel good however; that when I release my self in to the wild once more, I will be able to do it without guilt of my to-do list! That is the theory anyway!

My September to do list

This mythical thing, that has never officially been written down – probably why it has taken so long to tick things off… lesson learnt! Maybe…

A very productive September
  • Actually get someone to trim the rather over grown hedge trimmed back on the route to my field. I won’t lie it had become a bit of a haven for wildlife; I did have to do a whole load of soul searching for that. However it was blocking out a lot of light and becoming very narrow, (I was struggling to get my car down) If I recall the route was still in wet mud in early May!
  • I have finally got round to getting my tack room door replaced, the ponies ate it, the Sheep helped too! The door handle was starting to fall apart… Hell it’s only taken three years. I will point out how proud (mainly surprised) I am that the Sheep, (I’m looking at you Raymond!) haven’t barged their way in to eat the Chaff.
  • Finally replaced the padlocks at the yard, whilst they did a great job of staying locked; locking and unlocking them not so much fun, and add a bit of swearing for good measure.
  • I was organised, and got my Winter supply of haylege delivered; before the ground turned wet! A lovely sunny warm day in fact! No anxiety of the mud-mess left behind after the tractor and trailer left. It was BLISS!!!
  • I had a clear out of my clothes! and do you know what I find truly amazing? I sent 5 massive bags to my local charity shop. I usually have to be pestered, and frog marched into buying clothes, so I’m not sure how I have ended up owning that many clothes…

Moving forwards…

Now I have cleared a few important things from my September to-do list, I hope these things will help ease the burden of Winter for me. Hopefully I’m not wading knee deep in mud down to the field as now have more space to walk. If I do end up knee deep in mud, the space is more open now and hopefully dry up a lot sooner! I won’t be cursing the stubborn padlock, trying to do it up with freezing cold hands.

Don’t panic though guys, this is not the correct combination to open the lock!

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