The Re-brand part 1

It’s now getting so close to my Re-brand. The nerves and excitement are starting to kick in for sure.

I cannot believe October is nearly over, and the clocks have now changed. I really do wonder if there is any actual need to mess around with them these days; maybe that’s just me.

Part of me wonders, how the hell do we only have two months of the year left, it has flown by; on the other hand looking back over the months, this year does seem to have lasted for a decade.

I’m not sure if it is that time of year; or maybe. the fact I am about to launch my new brand next week. What ever the reason I have found myself reflecting on my year a lot lately.


Moving Focus

At the end of the last year, I made a conscious decision to move by business away from Event photography and more in the direction of portraits and brand work. Covid certainly gave me a helping hand with that one! Whilst I love event days; a massive part of me always demanded a more creativity in my work. I needed a new route to explore.

With the lack of shows this year, I have spent my time developing my portfolio. Initially, I started out with the intention of doing Equine & Canine photoshoots; however it wasn’t long before I discovered my creative side was still demanding more. Since as long as I can remember; I have always been massively inspired by the Countryside. It has felt like a natural progression for me, to branch out into farming aspects too.


The re-brand

Whilst I do not want to give too much away in this blog post, a head of my re-brand next week. The big turning point for me, has been the discovery that whilst I LOVE photographing your animals; actually, what I get a real buzz from is listening to your story, and then capturing it in a set of images for you to cherish.

P.S. I will be releasing 5 slots at a very special price on launch day. If you want to be in a chance of bagging one of these, sign up to my mailing list to be the first to hear about them. They will make an excellent Christmas gift for sure! Vouchers are available.

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