Five things I cannot do without this winter.

I’d be lying if I said Winter was easy for any stock owner, in fact any person who derives an income from working outside during the Winter months. As a stock owner, and full time groom I know all too well; misery that a cold, wet (and damn right dark) Winters day can bring. However for me there are a few things I could not live without that make the hardest day bearable!

The Winter list

First up is my beloved Aigle neoprene lined wellies! I live in those things during the Winter months. Whilst the price tag, may make you wince at first glance; they are worth every penny and outlast any cheaper brand by years! As a tip- if your feet are not warm and dry you will never stay warm! Invest in amazing footwear!


Second up is my Sporting Hares cap. It’s shower proof and keeps my head warm. If my face gets wet, my eyes get ridiculously itchy; as in wanting to remove the skin from my around my eyes itchy. I’m happy to report this cap keeps rain off my face and my eyes itch free!


Thirdly, my head torch! Short daylight hours and no electricity at my yard, it’s a life savour. I’ve had many a conversation, and treating animals with the vet over (head)torch light; however I am sorry for any retinas I’ve burnt out walking home; I forget it’s on my head as I say hello to people! Top tip for head torch wearers, eyes to the floor when you greet people, eye contact isn’t a thing in the dark, the other person being able to see is! I bought mine from mountain warehouse. I liked the fact it only had a band around the circumference of your head, without the strap over the top; it makes it compatible with all hats and headwear!


Forth is a nice cosy pair of socks to put on when you finally get home. I’m a non slipper wearer; so always pad around the house with just socks. I opt for socks from Country Mouse, they are made from alpaca fleece so keep your feet snug without getting a sweat on!


My fifth item has to be, leave yourself something yummy to come home to on a miserable day! I usually opt for Brownies on the worst of days. Usually from ‘Say it with brownies‘, they are hands down the best brownies ever!

If you fancy getting creative; check out my previous blog post you’ll find the recipe to make the perfect Tiffin Tray Bake!

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