About me

Hello I’m Emma, I’m born and bred in Somerset. I’m slightly (okay a lot) potty about Sheep, they really do have the best characters when they are tame! I have three New Forest Ponies, five pet Sheep and a Collie dog. I love the outdoors and exploring areas of the South West such as Exmoor and Cornwall.

I’m happiest when I have a camera in my hand, a beautiful view and some animals to photograph. I love to learn about your (and your animal’s) stories and capture them in a collection of images.

I love to learn, I love to find out how things work; how they have broken, and in turn, how they are fixed! My inquisitiveness lends itself well to understanding how different brands work and then creating a set of images for you to show case your brand.

I’m a creative at heart, I love to draw and would like to be more confident painting. I’m a Design & Business student with the Open University, studying towards my degree.

Brownies are my go to sweet treat. My favourite are from a brand called, Say it With Brownies, if you to love brownies, you should check them out!

Long warm sunny evenings are my favourite, especially when they end with a glorious sunset. Long walks in the evening in my local area are my favourite, especially when I have the company of my Collie, Maisie and my pony, Ruby and her Rider, Jodie.

About me