The Fuzzy Sheep Training Photography

The Fuzzy Sheep Training Photography; has been specifically tailored to enable riders to get the most from their training session. 

The Fuzzy Sheep Training Photography captures images that not only tell a story of friendship, ambition and achievement, but also documents progress made within the training session. The images captured form an excellent visual guide to demonstrate performance and achievement.

To ensure your riders get the most from their training session, The Fuzzy Sheep Training Photography packages are specifically  designed to suit the requirements of your riders. The packages are tailor made for each clinic or camp. 

The package can be made up of a selection of 

  • Digital images (small image download or full resolution for home printing)
  • Prints, a variety of sizes and finishes are available.
  • Gift ware, for example, key rings, cups, magnets, phone cases to name a few.

For example, for 20 riders attending a training session, each rider would receive 10 small digital downloads (usually charged at £7 per download, they are perfect for sharing on social media) for the investment of £25 per rider.

The more riders attending the training session, the lower the cost per rider. 

For further details, or to book me please email me at